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What can you say.....

2020 was a quiet year!

The band were invited back in January 2020 by Re-engage (formerly Contact the Elderly) at their post Christmas, Christmas Party at Manor Hill House and then .... Nothing. COVID caused all performances to be cancelled, and like all other bands, we couldnt rehearse or play anywhere. 

However, it did give us the opportunity to try something new... recording virtual videos, so in 20 different houses, on 20 different phones, we all recorded our parts and videod ourselves, and emailed them to Chris our conductor. With the wonders of technology he put all these together, and throughout the year, we recorded 4 videos. 

Our first video, of Love is Here to Stay, we did in aid of Friends of Worcester Hospitals, who support our local hospital and we raised over £2000 to support them and thank them for all they were doing during the pandemic. Press Article

By our 3rd video, lockdown fever had started to set in, so we decided to dress up for our video of Tequilla. No doubt Amazon saw a surprising surge in sombrero sales in Worcestershire that week!

The full videos are all available here

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